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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best and a few worst Beauty Trends of 2011

OK guys so i thought I would share with you guys my thoughts on the best beauty trends of 2011, and a few looks that im happy to bid farewell! Let me know what you think, did i miss any trends?

One of the biggest trends i have seen this year is Bright Candy colored lips! Red, orange pink, anything goes. This is a look that anyone can pull off and it gives that instant touch of glamour to your makeup look. For those of you that are scared of a bright lip like this, you can ease yourself into the trend with a sheer berry color, and berries tend to look great on any skin tone. My advice is to pair this look with a clean neutral eye, nothing too smokey or dramatic. 


I have been seeing this graphic look everywhere! Liquid liner is making  huge comeback, not just your typical cat eye, but even in the crease and under the eye.  Be careful not to over do it, because it can be borderline cartoonish. If you dont have the steadiest hand a easier way to enjoy this trend is Dior's new Velvet eyes stick on eyeliner! Love it!


I personally rocked this trend as much as I could! It's so easy yet looks so chic and put together. This was my go to hairstyle when i didn't feel like styling my hair. haha. The top knot can be worn tight or messy and piled on top like Lauren Conrad.

Braids were everywhere this year! This is one of my favorite braided looks of the year, rhianna rocked it with her bright red hair and cascading braids. Messy, dutch, fishtail, braids are always a do :)


This barefaced look is so great but a lot harder than it looks! It's all in the details, you have to make sure you have freshly groomed brows, fresh glowing skin, and barley there eyeshadow. It takes a lot of work to look this natural! The basis of this look is all in the prepwork, make sure you exfoliate regularly, and use a good moisturizer before starting this look. 

I LOVE LASHES! I am seeing a lot more drama in the lash department, false lashes are so glamourous and can give anyone's eyes an instant lift. I wear my false lashes almost everyday, with a natural taupe eyeshadow, and it gives a fresh bright-eyeed look. A few tips to applying lashes at home:
1. Make sure you trin the lashes to fit your eye, and always cut from the longer side (outside in)
2. Put mascara on your own lashes first it helps the falsies and you reall lashes blend together
3. Take a hand mirror and place it on the counter and look down into it when applying your lashes, instead of straight on in the mirror. This will help you to get them as close to the lash line as possible.
4. Don't overdo it with the glue! Only apply a thin strip to the base of the lashes, and make sure to let it get tacky, otherwise they will slide all over the place. 


I love a bold brow! This looks great with a very clean muted makeup look. 

 This eyeshadow palette was all over the makeup blogs for quite sometime, and every beauty gurus' channel! it was sold out everywhere and for good reason, it is a great collection of neutral and smoky colors, its very versatile and great for everyday. They recently launched a NAKED2 palette, will you be purchasing? 

 I LOVE this hair trend (when done correctly). It gives a really beachy bohemian look and is a great way to change your look without having to color your entire head! 



I just cant get into the talon nail thing. I think it makes the fingers look stubby, and it's slightly creepy. eh.


Feather extensions came and went. Fun while it lasted.

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